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Making a difference in autism treatment in Dubai

Help us open doors and create independent and productive lives for children with autism and developmental disabilities. If you’re a highly motivated person who wants to thrive in a high energy, leading-edge educational environment, you will find that Small Steps ABA Inclusion Centre is a great place to build your career and professional skills.

We have upcoming openings for professional positions and the ability to sponsorship visas for overseas candidates.

All of our Tutors, Supervisors and BCBA Consultants receive extensive training on the applications of the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to teach children, adolescents and young adults to acquire skills and maximise independence in the areas of communication, academics, socialisation, self-management of behaviours and daily living skills. Whether working in the school, the community or the residence, all our team members are trained to competency and are expected to implement the full range of behavioural and educational programmes individually designed for each child. Continue supervision and education will also be provided by well-know professional in the field of behaviour analysis, to ensure further professional development and competent skills.

ABA Tutor position requirements
  • Applicants must be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for a challenging career experience.
  • Applicants must be bright, energetic individuals with a strong desire to work with children or young adults and with experience in, or an interest in being trained in, the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.
  • Applicants must be prepared to work in a variety of setting (Inclusion centre, home and school)
  • Thorough knowledge and competent implementation of all educational programmes and behaviour management guidelines.
  • Diligent implementation of all medical, safety, and emergency procedures.
  • Successful completion of the RBT certification (applicable for trainee and experience therapists without a qualification in behaviour analysis)

ABA Experience Tutor position Requirements
  • 4 years working with children across the age range of 1-9 and across contexts
  • 2 years working in an ABA facility or as a home tutor supervised by an ABA consultant with children with autism.
  • Excellent basics ABA practice and theoretical knowledges, being flexible on practice to individual needs
  • Ability to structure an ABA session; implementation of paring, manding, ITT and NET sessions
  • Data recording within session and data reporting
  • Being familiar with assessments tools
  • Being familiar with production organisation and maintenance of functional teaching material
  • Being aware and respect ethical standards and personal cares regarding working with young children
  • Building and maintaining good rapport with children; being creative, playful and dynamic
  • Demonstrating a professional attitude and building good rapport with families
  • Being responsible, using initiative, being an excellent team player
  • Being emotionally and physically resilient to meet the challenges of working with young and energetic children

As an experienced ABA tutor, you will be in charge of the implementation of intensive behavioural educative programs for children with autism.

You will work with 2 to 4 children, at the Inclusion centre, home or school (travelling across Dubai may be required). You will be responsible for one child’s folder (data reports and graphs, targets updating, communication with your supervisor about the program progressions). You will be also responsible for the consistent implementation of his/her program across the team (being proactive during the team meetings, informing your colleagues about changes regarding criteria, programs or material).

You will need to be experienced in VB-ABA, and be familiar with the related teaching methods and assessment tools. You will also assist the supervisor in the behavioural assessments.

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* For the Tutoring position only Females are allowed in Dubai
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