Our admission inquiry form may be helpful in showing you the type of information that will be necessary for referral sources to provide during the admission process. In addition, the information on the form may provide either an initial pre-qualification or a determination that Small Steps Inclusion Centre is not a proper fit. In this way, parents/legal guardians may be able to determine if they should proceed with the more in-depth admission process.

Enrolment in 4 simple steps

Listed below is a simple 4 step process for enrolment with Small Steps.

Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Developmet of an individual Education Plan

Step 3: Register with GEMS Metropole School and Small Steps

Step 4: Induction and start of delivery

Admission form

Supporting independence is the heart of Small Steps.

We strive to provide the best quality support to our students, so they can achieve the following:

  • Independence
  • Self-help
  • Cope within school environment and in everyday life
  • Show their maximum potential
  • Have full command on their receptive and verbal language
  • Mastery in manding (requesting)
  • Gradually move them into mainstream school

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