Welcome to Small Steps

About Us

Our mission - to transform the lives of children with Autism and Special Needs.

Welcome to Small Steps! We strongly believe that every child deserves equal treatment, individual attention and special care. Each child deserves the chance to successfully reach and surpass life’s milestones in an encouraging environment. We realise that some children perceive the world differently, and have their own way of learning. One good example is if you put a PlayStation disk in a Xbox it will not work, not because it’s faulty, but it functions differently. We aim to empower each child in accordance with his or her unique abilities.

At Small Steps, we strive to provide the best experience for our children and their families. We invest in relationships and build partnerships that underline our commitment to each individual person. Our administrative team, behaviour analysts, and support staff work together to facilitate personal growth and development for the families we serve.

Our mission is dedicated to transforming the lives of children with Autism and Special Needs.